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An introduction

About The Knott Partnership

The Knott Partnership offers a quality bookeeping and payroll service to a range of clients in Devon, Somerset and Dorset. We pride ourselves on being local and in touch with our clients and to work with them to build their businesses by helping them to have timely and credible information to make decisions and to comply with the law.


Every business is required by law to keep records sufficient to show its position and the transactions undertaken. Too often the task of maintaining the accounting records is delegated or relegated and this leads to, at best, increased accountancy costs, poor information upon which to base decisions and ultimately fines and penalties imposed by HMRC.

Knowing where you are

We are here to take some of the weight off the shoulders of busy business people. With the confidence that the accounts are up to date and the payroll managed effectively our clients can concentrate on what they do best. We provide business with a professional, tailored bookkeeping and payroll service.

Accounting as art

A balance sheet will tell you where the business is.
A profit and loss account will tell you how you got there.
Your bookkeeper should give you confidence in the colours you see.


Do you produce manuals or other literature for your customers? You know how your product works but can you make your documentation accessible to your customer? This will reduce the number of direct enquiries that you will have to deal with and save time and money.

Your business is our business


The origin of the double entry bookkeeping system was first documented in the 15th century by a Franciscan monk, Luca Pacioli



And now

With The Knott Partnership, your accounts can move to the Cloud and be secure yet accessible, any time and anywhere.





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